Take a hands-on approach to your dog’s health

My approach caters to the needs and comfort level of your dog, adjusting intuitively to offer the utmost care in every moment.

Compassionate touch and intuition, combined with awareness of movement and body language, helps me tune into areas which require attention and work around those which may cause discomfort.

I’ll respond to your pup’s unique cues and expressions to ensure they’re feeling good throughout their massage. In-depth records, preferences and details are gathered for each client – both at intake and throughout the course of their care which allows me to track on-going progress. When initiating massage for dogs with more extensive challenges, I’m happy to consult with their veterinarian and align their massage sessions with traditional medication and care.

Support your pet’s well-being to keep them healthy and happy

Sessions can be aligned to complement your dog’s healthcare regime, providing holistic support for a variety of canine health challenges at any stage of life.

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