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Touch is essential to comfort and healing

I tailor each massage individually to meet the unique needs and preferences of your dog. I vary the initial approach to align with the stated purpose – whether stress relief, pain and mobility management, rehabilitation or palliative care.

Before a session is booked, we schedule an in-home Meet & Greet; a 30 min consultation for initial assessment to determine if massage is appropriate, and if so, a mini massage is offered.

Massage with myofascial release and trigger point therapy can easily be integrated into your dog’s healthcare, providing holistic support for a variety of health challenges at different stages throughout his/her life.

Senior Dogs Aging Gracefully – when arthritis begins in senior dogs, massage can alleviate pain and inflammation as well as increased blood flow and circulation to the muscle surrounding the affected joints. Can also improve ease of movement with degenerative or age-related issues.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation – massage is helpful with reducing stress and separation anxiety, especially timely now with household changes and disruptions during COVID.  

Injury Recovery & Post-surgery Rehabilitation– massage reduces acute and chronic swelling, reduces pain and provides comfort and relaxation during recovery. 

Preventative Conditioning – massage can soothe sore muscles post vigorous exercise or prep a dog for agility competition.  As a regular part of a dog’s conditioning, massage can help in early detection of health changes, while helping to prevent healthy tissue degeneration. 

Palliative & Hospice Care – massage eases pain, discomfort and immobility when chronic disease sets in.  It also provides gentle emotional and physiological comfort and support when end of life is imminent.

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